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Data can be retrieved in five formats : georss, xml, geojson, kml and kmz.

The rss, xml and geojson format can be parsed directly from the response while the kml and kmz are available for download as is.

Data can be retrieved by 1:50k NTS tiles or by image swaths (See the documentation for further information on the data types).

GeoRSS Format

To get an overall view of the latest changes by tiles or images one can use the following urls:

XML/KML Format

To retrieve the kml, the format can be specified as xml after the dot in the url like this:

And to download directly the kml/kmz, the following links can be used:

The tiles can also be retrieved independently using the NTS format like this :
(It should be noted that single images cannot be retrieved directly by url, they can only be retrieved by following the urls given in the overall view response)

The user can also look at a specific tile

The map service can also be used to visualize the data without implementing a parser, in the case of tiles and images.

View by processed 1:50k NTS tile View by processed Landsat-8 image swaths
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