CanGeo Project

The goal of this project is to provide a web service providing inland waterbodies initially available on GeoBase and updated using the most recent Landsat-8 imagery. The system ingests multispectral imagery (30 meters resolution) over Canada on a monthly basis (from May to September) and updates the waterbody outlines using an image processing software developed at CRIM. Updated waterbodies are available through a GeoRSS service or through a RESTful service in XML, KML, SHP or GeoJSON formats.

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This project was realized by the Vision and Imaging Team between November 2013 and May 2014 and has been financed in part by CANARIE (IRP program). Note that the system is still under construction and will be maintained until at least 2016.

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Heat map function of the observed degree of changes observed so far (large circle = large number of objects, red color = important changes):

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1067503 waterbodies are available, covering 3933 NTS tiles, using 267 images.
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